Yamaha PSRE-343 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha PSRE-343?

If you want a great keyboard which provides lots of great extras and plenty of features, the Yamaha PSRE 343 is a great choice to consider. Since it has both USB and AUX connectivity ports you pretty much have endless options with it.

This is an excellent option for those who are very well invested in music and want to have a piano instrument which is long lasting and works very well. The Yamaha PSRE 343 is one of these amazing instrument, so let’s continue with checking it out. 

Let’s take a look at this great keyboard and what does it actually have to offer. In this Yamaha PSRE343 review, we will take a look at the best features, highlight everything you need to know and compare and contrast the best of it.

Yamaha PSRE 343 Keyboard

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Our Yamaha PSRE 343 Review Rating:


The Yamahapsre 343 is portable, lightweight, and has plenty of great features. It has over 500 different voices and over 130 different styles to choose from. the PSRE 343 is battery operated which means you can use it anywhere you like without struggling to find an adapter.

The sound is pretty dynamic and rich considering the size of this keyboard. Not to mention it is touch sensitive, so you will be pretty pleased with the Yamaha PSRE343.


The main setback of the Yamaha PSRE keyboard is that it runs on AA batteries. You have to invest in some nice rechargeable batteries in order to cut down cost.

Also, the keyboard is not full as it only has 61 keys, and there are only 32 polyphony notes so you have to choose what musical pieces you want to play. However, if you want to use it for musical purposes and not as a substitute for an acoustic piano, this is a great choice to consider. 

Touch Sensitive: 4.5 / 5

Piano Sound: 4 / 5

Product Quality: 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


Sound Quality

The sound quality is not breathtaking, however, the Yamaha PSRE343 keyboard offers a nice enough sound system. There are some nice stereo speakers added in this Yamaha instrument. This is excellent for performances, as the stereo speakers give a much fuller and wider sound.

There are also many great digital features added in the PSRE343 Yamaha keyboard, such as EQ settings, editing, sing along and much more. This is a great keyboard if you like working with music. If you are not sure about this keyboard make sure to check out the best Yamaha instruments on the market right now.

Key Realism And Action

As we mentioned in this Yamaha PSRE 343 review before, the PSRE is not a full-size keyboard, since it only has 61 keys. It does not offer such an incredible realism a full-size digital piano would have. However, the PSRE343 Yamaha keyboard offers touch sensitivity which is an amazing feature to have.

Other Specifications And Features

The Yamaha PSRE343 keyboard might lack a full-size keyboard, however, it is full with great features and digital extras. There are nicely built-in lessons so if you are a beginner you will learn more easily with this tool.

As mentioned, there are over 130 styles and 500 voices, so you can easily spend a long time exploring it. This way you can actually mix up your own music and the many control options will help you with that.

Final Thoughts

The Yamaha PSRE 343 keyboard is a handy keyboard to have. Yes, it is not full size, but it is fully packed with great features.

The sound quality is great and the keys are touch sensitive which is an excellent feature t have. You can play with the built-in lessons to practice learning. If you are interested in different electric keyboard instruments as well, you can see the top choices right over here

Hopefully, this guide cleared up any questions you might have about the Yamaha PSE 343 keyboard. This is an excellent keyboard for those who are looking for good sound quality, nice features, and an easy to use instrument.