Yamaha P80 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P80?

The Yamaha P80 is one of the best and most well-equipped keyboards by the brand. There are plenty of useful innovations included, such as the Graded Hammer Effect keys.

These keys provide a nice key action, which mimics an acoustic piano pretty well. This is due to the company’s cutting-edge technology.

In this Yamaha P80 review, we will take a look at the most useful features, the new innovations, and take a look at other modes to see why is the Yamaha P-80 such a beloved keyboard among musicians.

Yamaha P80 Keyboard

Yamaha P80 review

Our Yamaha P 80 Review


Many Yamaha P80 reviews state that the GHE keyboard is the very best keyboard Yamaha has ever made. They provide realistic resistance to make it close to an acoustic piano feel as possible.

The Yamaha P80 piano has 88 fully weighted keys, however, the keyboard itself is only 37 pounds which makes it extremely light and portable. The piano sound is also very good as it uses industry-using recording technology. There are also many great settings and features which make this Yamaha keyboard pretty awesome.


There are very few disadvantages of this keyboard, however, a few users have stated that the P80 has some durability issues if being transported constantly. If you are a travelling musician, make sure to take your time with loading so it will not suffer from it. Other than this, the Yamaha P 80 electric piano is one of the best reviewed portable keyboards on the market.

Touch Sensitive: 5 / 5

Piano Sound 5 / 5

Product Quality 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 5 / 5


Sound Quality

Yamaha is a pretty awesome brand regarding sound quality. The Yamaha P80 digital piano is no different in this; the sound is very similar to an acoustic piano. The keyboard produces rich and full sounds, and it is hard to tell apart the P80’s sound from an acoustic piano.

However, it is important to point out that the P80 Yamaha does not have a built-in speaker, which means you need headphones or external speakers. It does not matter what do you use as your piano accessory, the sound quality is going to be amazing!

The Yamaha P80 price truly reflects on it. If you are deciding between multiple keyboards, make sure to always keep in mind what is important for you, such as the sound quality. Do not let the price decide on it, especially if you are a beginner piano player, as some will teach you better finger technique as well. 

Key Action And Realism

The GHE keyboard is absolutely excellent and it is what really sets the Yamaha P80 apart from any other keyboard or digital piano. Yamaha advertises this keyboard as it is almost identical with an acoustic piano, and they truly justified this claim.

The keys have plenty of resistance and nicely weighted, which are absolutely a joy to play. The resistance also increases as the notes get lower, just like you would have it an acoustic piano. Pretty nice to have on a keyboard!

If the keyboard sensitivity is not your favourite right away, you can easily adjust it on the Yamaha P80. Set it to your own preferences! The key action is amazing, and do not forget that this is a portable digital piano. If you are looking for a keyboard which is lightweight, portable, and it has an absolutely wonderful sound, the Yamaha P80 is an excellent choice.

Other Features And Specifications

The Yamaha P80 is loaded with awesome and useful specifications. It has a dual headphone jack, which is very good if you are a student, a teacher, or love duelling. This way two people can actually enjoy the marvellous sounds.

It also has a built-in metronome, a MIDI connectivity, a sustain pedal, a detachable music stand,  record and playback ability which is great if you like to listen back on the song you have played. There are also dozens of digital effects, a 64-note polyphony ability, and a rolling hard case for transportation. A pretty nice bundle!

As we mentioned, the Yamaha P80 weighs 37 pounds which is a little heavier than some models, but it is still pretty easy to carry around. Considering the 88 fully weighted keys, it might be even super light! If you are looking for a digital piano or a keyboard which can be transported or carried, this is an excellent option to consider. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a keyboard which will have an amazing sound quality, fully weighted keys to have that acoustic piano feel, and still be portable, the Yamaha P80 is your best bet. This is a terrific keyboard which is loaded with great extras to make your experience even better.

There are also groundbreaking innovations included, which will make your learning easier. However, if you want to consider some other options, check out this thorough guide on the best digital pianos on the market.