Yamaha P45B Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P45B?

Another superb digital piano from Yamaha is the Yamaha P45B.  It is very popular among beginners and piano players that are more experienced as well. Musicians like this piano because it has simple but amazing features and higher sound quality.

We will take a look at the pros and cons, the sound quality, the added extras and features to understand the features of the Yamaha P-45 digital piano more.

Let’s start the Yamaha P45 review.

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Our Yamaha P45B Review:


This is a great, super lightweight piano, and it does not sacrifice any sound quality. There are GHS weighted keys, realistic sound and USB usage which make the P45B digital piano the the perfect piano for beginners and advanced pianists as well. The simple features are great for musicians who want to invest in their first piano and especially good for kids who are just beginning to learn to play.

Included in the Yamaha P 45B package you will find a case, foot pedal, headphones, and a stand. This means less trouble and you can start playing faster.


It is difficult play quietly due to the keys: the lower keys can cause some sounds to warp.

The P-45 Yamaha is does not have features that are as advanced as other digital pianos, so if you are looking for a digital piano which has lots of features, added extras, and built-in modes, you can check out the Yamaha P155 is a great choice.

The Yamaha P-45B comes with no recorder, so if you want to record you have to invest into one separately.


Touch Sensitivity: 4 / 5

Piano Sound: 4.5 / 5

Product Quality 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

The Yamaha P 45B Sound Quality

The Yamaha P-45 88-key weighted action digital piano black model is a very popular instrument because each and every key is tested through the AWM single key technology. This creates a fuller and richer sound. There are 64 polyphony notes which means the  P 45 88 key piano is capable of playing 64 notes at once This means users can play various cords, duets, and anything they want without the notes being cut early or completely. 

The Yamaha digital piano P-45 B keys are copied from an acoustic piano using stereo sampling technology. This means the sounds will be clear while playing, and it gives a nice and realistic acoustic sound. The Yamaha P45 reviews state how great the sounds are, and because many digital pianos fail to deliver on the sound quality, this is important to keep in mind. Yamaha is excellent in this particular area. Make sure to keep reading the Yamaha P45B reviews to learn about the great qualities.

Realism And Key Actions

The Yamaha P 45 reviews suggest that the digital piano is very realistic and easy to play. Each key is weighed realistically , so the lower keys are heavier and the high keys are lighter. This means if you are  switching between a full-size piano and the Yamaha P45, there will be little to no difference.

Being finished in matte helps with slipping so there will be no accidents due to sweaty fingers. The keys are not made out of wood, but they have a gorgeous finish, You can choose between four different key sensitivity settings, which means you can easily find your favourite mode.

Other Specifications And Features

The Yamaha P45B features multiple great modes, such as a single button operates the sounds settings, so you can choose from a dual mode to introduce two different sounds at the same time, such as strings and piano. A USB connectivity allows you to connect to your computer, educational and recording systems.

It also offers 10 voices, which allows piano players to set the tone and the sounds to their exact preference. Some digital pianos have way more than ten different voices, but for the price, even the ten voices are great especially for a beginner player. There are also ten preset songs and ten demos pre-loaded.

The Yamaha P45B weighs only 34.4 lbs which is very light, so it allows you to transport it around easily. A lot of piano players need to carry their instrument around, so it is best to choose something that is not overly large or heavy. The Yamaha P45B comes with pedals, headphones and a stand which is not bad for a beginner package. The Yamaha P45B LBRH review sites suggest that beginners enjoy this digital piano.

P45B VS P45

Interestingly, there is no difference between the two digital pianos. The B means ‘black’, and funny enough all Yamaha digital pianos come in black anyway. There is really no need to differentiate between these pianos, but it is just the way they decided to market them.

Final Thoughts

The P45B is a great digital piano and it has a lot to offer to all pianists, no matter level they are at. It sounds awesome, has great keys, and some good settings as well. If you need a piano to begin learning, this is an excellent choice.

The versatility of the Yamaha P45 allows piano players to practice without losing sound quality. We hope this guide helped you to make a decision and learn more about this great digital piano.