Yamaha P35 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P35?

The Yamaha P-35 is a great digital piano which is easily portable and it is very affordable. The P35 weighs only a bit over 16 kgs is an excellent option for beginners, but it is also good for more advanced piano players who tend to transport their instrument.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on your first digital piano, this is a superb option. It might be lightweight and affordable, but it is a full sized, 88-key piano.

There are some amazing features included too. Make sure to check them all out so you will know exactly what to expect from this digital piano.

In this Yamaha P35 review we will take a look at these handy features, pros and cons, and any other specifications you should know about. If you are a more advanced piano player check out the Yamaha P155 digital piano review here. 

Yamaha Digital Piano P 35

Yamaha P35

Our Yamaha P35 and Yamaha P35B Review:


The main feature of the Yamaha P35 digital piano is that it is inexpensive and it is very easy to move it around. The second biggest advantage of the P35 is that it has a touch responsive pedal which is usually only included in the pricier models. This is why the Yamaha P35 reviews are so good!


Since it is a cheaper model the digital piano is not as durable as other models might be, and it has a little plastic-like feeling to it. Sometimes the key action can be a little slow in response. A big throwback with the Yamaha P 35 is the capability of 32 polyphony notes.

Touch Sensitive: 4/5

Piano Sound: 4/5

Product Quality: 4/5

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Sound Quality Of The P35

When buying a digital piano one of the main concerns it the acoustic sound quality. Not all of the digital pianos are great, but they get very close to it. The Yamaha P35 is one of those.

The sound is not perfect, but it good enough especially if you are a beginner. Only those who have a lot of training in acoustic sounds will notice it.  The Yamaha P35 B or P35 can achieve the quality of the sound through the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) technology. This means the technology records pairs of waveforms by using two different microphones.

As a result, the Yamaha P35B produces a fuller and better acoustic sound. The only thing that holds back the better sound quality is that it is only capable to produce 32 notes of polyphony.

Please do not forget that the Yamaha P35 piano is meant for beginners and intermediate players, however, if you are a more advanced piano player and not usually play super complicated pieces, this is a great choice.

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano Features

The two main things you need to focus on when looking for a digital piano is how it is graded and weighted. These are generally included in more expensive models, however, the Yamaha P35B 88 key digital keyboard will surprise you.

Some people say the keys are not textured enough and feel plastic-like and too slick. The keys can also feel gummy.

This does not mean that the Yamaha P35 is not an excellent beginner digital piano, as the feel of the keys should not be the only thing you need to concentrate on. 

However, people who suggest these small issues also state they are not bothered by them, and enjoy using the Yamaha P 35 digital piano.

If you think you can look past the Yamaha P35B 88-key digital keyboard issues, then this is a perfect fit for you!


Other Specifications Of The Yamaha P-35 Digital Piano

There are some great features of the Yamaha P35 we did not mention yet. It comes with MIDI outputs, so you can connect it to your computer to transfer files. You can also download apps and use them, which will help you to maximise the usage.

It also comes with a very good quality pedal which is responsive to how hard it is being pressed.

There are some bonuses included as well, such as demo and piano songs, instrument sounds and three years of warranty. Do not let the Yamaha P35 keyboard reviews distract you from the other features.

Yamaha P35 Review – Final Thoughts

The Yamaha P35B 88 key digital keyboard piano is without any doubt an excellent beginner’s digital piano. There are good sound quality and a realistic enough key action.

This is a great choice for intermediate piano players as well, so if you are thinking about a good starter digital piano, definitely consider this as an option. The price and the portability is also something that you need to think about.

Before you buy any beginner piano, make sure to look through your options, and consider what makes a beginner piano a great piano. Always look up all the features and what is included in your package. Something might be a bit more expensive but great extras are often added to those packages.