Yamaha P155 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P 155?

The P155 is a keyboard digital piano, which is fully functional, and it is very effective, easy to use, and pretty diverse in functions. It is easy to move around, has many great features, making it a great choice for intermediate or more advanced piano players.

The acoustic sounds and a graded keyboard which realistically touche-sensitive serves beginners and advanced players. The design is also pretty attractive and for the affordable price is something to consider as well.

This instrument is well worth looking at.

In this P 155 Yamaha review, we look at the best features, specifications, key action, sound quality, the good and the bad, and much more.

Let’s see what can the P 155 offer.

Yamaha P155

Our Yamaha P155 Review:


The P155 main advantage is that it is veratile. Many digital pianos are easy to carry, and also many are great with sounds, however, very few are good with both. The P155 Yamaha is both of these.


For a portable digital piano, the Yamaha P-155 is pretty heavy. It weighs 26 kgs, and it is not as easy to carry it around at all times. Some of the other digital pianos can be half as heavy as the P155. There are other features which compensate for the heavyweight, but the heaviness can be annoying at some times.

Touch Sensitive 4.5 / 5

Piano Sound 4.5 / 5

Product Quality 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


Yamaha Digital Piano P 155 Sound Quality

The P155 uses sonic CFIIIS technology which was also used as the 9 foot Yamaha grand piano to create very realistic and high-quality sounds. I can say from my own experiences that the Yamaha Digital Piano P 155 is an amazing piano and you won’t get better for the price.

There are two 12W speakers which are great with volume so you can adjust it to your preference. The P155 can generate very realistic acoustic sounds.

If these Yamaha P155 reviews were not convincing enough yet, the P155 is capable of 128 polyphony notes, which means your notes will not cut off early regardless of how complicated pieces you play.

Yamaha P155 Keyboard Realism And Action

The Yamaha P155 price includes an excellent Graded Hammer Action keyboard, which is crucial in an intermediate digital piano. This means that the resistance is mimicking the exact hammer sizes inside an acoustic piano – each and every single key!

On the top of that, Yamaha added a Note on, Note off function which replicates the vibration a string would make when the hammer lifts at each time the key is lifted. If that is something you would truly enjoy, the P155 is an excellent digital piano for you.

To enhance the instruments realism, there are 4 different levels of touch sensitivity. This means that there are 4 different recordings of each key which all depend on how hard you press the key, thus the increase of volume.

Last but not least, the P155 keyboard itself is made from a synthetic ivory material which feels very realistic, absorbs sweat easier, and as a bonus, it does not make the unwanted plastic key sounds.

yamaha p155 digital piano review

More Specifications and Features

There are some great features included in this digital piano, such as the 17 voices that are included to help your playing, two sperate headphone jacks for when you are playing with someone else or learning with a teacher, a chorus effect, and 3 types of brilliance effects.

You can also connect to it with a USB or with a MIDI cable as well, 100KB user song storage and 447Kb external song storage, it also has a built-in metronome, along with a two track recorder which can record up to 3 songs at any one time.

These are pretty large numbers especially at a digital piano at this price range. An FC4 Foot Switch sustain pedal and you can add pedals too, 50 separate present songs, and an very simple to use LCD display make this great digital piano a whole.

If you find something is not working properly, you have a three year warranty. If you believe this digital piano is the perfect one for you, look up Yamaha P155 for sale places.

The only main concern of the Yamaha P155 is the heavy 26 kgs weight. This is a little heavier than any other digital piano model, but it is still portable. You can also choose various finishes, such as black, mahogany, and cherry. Great options!

Last Thoughts For The Yamaha P155 Review

If sound quality, key action, and portability are both important features to you, the Yamaha P155 digital piano is an excellent choice. Especially for this price, you will not get any better intermediate and advanced pianos. If you are a beginner and looking for the perfect digital piano for beginners, check out the Yamaha P35 digital piano.

The P155 is a heavier model, but there are some excellent features which will compensate for the weight.

What really sets the difference between other – and lighter – digital pianos and the P155 are the features, beautiful design and price range. This is a highly recommended digital piano.