Yamaha P115 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P115?

The Yamaha P115 is a bigger, better upgrade of the Yamaha P105. It has instrument options, high polyphony count, piano styles, and an improved connectivity option. However, the Yamaha P-115 is more than these added features: there is way more to this that will worth your money.

If you are looking for a digital piano which has plenty to offer, great to learn on, and it is excellent for more advanced piano players, make sure to consider the Yamaha p115.

Check out my in-depth Yamaha P115 review to learn about all the great settings and features. It has many great features like some grand digital pianos

Yamaha P 115 Digital Piano

Our Yamaha P115 Review


The P115 Yamaha digital piano is one of the best digital pianos available today. There are many impressive and good quality additions, like a smartphone app, and the Sound Boost Functions.

The Yamaha P115 digital piano is probably the best digital pianos Yamaha has recently made. The Yamaha P 115 digital piano has amazingly sampled sounds, great volume controlling, so the tones and the notes are very good.

If you are confused about the Yamaha P115B review sites, don’t be. The ‘B’ only stands for black, because you have the option to choose from multiple colours. 


The main con of the P 115 Yamaha is the very tiny memory. It only has room for one song recording, so if you are looking for more, it can be an issue. The missing LCD screen can be also a bother to more advanced players, and it also lacks a MIDI connection port. There are, however, an AUX and a USB port to solve this issue.

Touch Sensitive: 5 / 5

Piano Sound: 5 / 5

Product Quality 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


Sound Quality

In all Yamaha P 115 reviews, the sound quality is the most praised. The sound of every single key is recorded through the Advanced Wave Memory system, which is taken from a Yamaha concert grand piano.

All the notes are developed with an Intelligent Acoustic Control, which means that the tones of the music, the key realism, and the volume is in perfect harmony. The sound is beautifully crisp and clear, so there is only a small difference between the Yamaha P115 piano and an acoustic piano.

Key Action And Realism

The Yamaha P-115 digital piano offers a realistic playing experience. with the weighted keys. The Yamaha p115 keyboard has Graded Hammer Standard keys, which means they are heavier on the lower keys and lighter at the higher ones.

This is a great help because playing on the Yamaha digital piano P115 won’t be too big of a change from an acoustic piano. This also helps you to get a proper finger technique, which is amazing especially if you are a beginner. This way you do not have to suffer from re-learning when you are a more advanced player.

The wonderful matte finish on the black keys, which helps with the risk of slippery fingers after long hours of practice. The Yamaha P115 keyboard is full sized, and there are 192 polyphony notes. This way you can play any song without the fear of cutting it short.

You can also choose from multiple levels of sensitivity for the keys, so you can adjust it to your preference.

Other Features And Specifications

Some impressive features are included in the Yamaha P115 bundle, which are one of the best ones available today. You can boost up to the volume of the piano when playing other instruments are being played with the Sound Boost Function, this way the piano sound will not get too low among the other sounds.

The Dual Mode lets you to play two voices at the same time, like the piano and strings, so you can have a richer and fuller sound. Included are 14 voices to choose from, which is not too many compared to other models, but it is still nice to have.

You can also access a huge selection of songs which are built in, which allows players to make music or record various pieces. This can come in handy for any piano player and musician because it offers diversity.

A great added bonus, which is often on the top of the Yamaha P 115 review lists is the smartphone app which lets you control everything on the digital piano. This is something that not has been seen in other digital pianos yet.

Final Thoughts

In this Yamaha P-115 review we have seen many great and professional features. Amazing sound quality, multiple settings and modes, and a groundbreaking mobile app make the P115 digital piano even better.

If you are not to choose as your nest – or very first – digital piano, make sure to consider the P115. The Yamaha P115 comes with 3 years of warranty, so you do not have to worry about this beauty. This is an excellent digital piano with brilliant functions.