Yamaha MX61 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha MX61?

Are you looking for the perfect synthesizer? If you want an amazing musical instrument, then the Yamaha MX61 might be the perfect option for you. It is high quality, versatile, and offers plenty of features. It has 61 keys – hence the name – and it actually features over one thousand different MOTIF XS sounds.

It is compatible with MIDIs, laptops, and computers, and you can also connect to it via USB. If you are looking for a great and affordable compact piano which is also super lightweight, the Yamaha MX 61 might be the best option for you.

Yamaha makes some amazing instruments so no wonder they are the leading company in the music industry. If you are looking for your new musical instrument make sure to consider the Yamaha MX61.

In this Yamaha MX61 review, we will not only highlight the best features and aspects but also take a look at everything you should know. Hopefully, this guide will be a great help to you and you will get a better understanding of this great quality synthesizer. 

Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer

Yamaha MX61 Black

Our Yamaha MX61 Review:


The Yamaha MX61 instrument is so popular because if the great price range. Also, it is super light in weight which makes it easy for transportation and carrying. Yamaha used the Motif XS sound system for this particular instrument, which gives beautiful rich and full sounds.

There are plenty of great features, and all the must-have performance panels and controls are right there ready for you. The MX61 Yamaha is equipped only with the best and the latest innovative features and extras.

The MX61 is easy to use with the well laid out panel, so you will know where to reach right away. All the settings allow you to get into playing without a hassle. You can easily control all internal sounds.


As mentioned in this review, the Yamaha MX61 has dozens of amazing features and pros, however, just like everything, it has some setbacks as well. The main problem is that the entire thing is made from plastic, and this is a huge dislike for many people.

Many people also point out the fact that the keys are very light. If you are used for touch-sensitive or full-size keys you might find using the MX61 a bit difficult.


Best Features

Outstanding Sounds

The Yamaha MX61 is a great synthesizer for those who love variety. This instrument offers over 1000 MOTIF XS voices and sounds, you can have full access with your computer or via USB. You can also connect with a MIDI device. Yes, the keyboard is pretty small, but you can have many amazing features all packed into it.

The sound quality is amazing, and you will be surprised how good is it especially at this price range. Many of the features also include drums, EPs, strings, 8 element synth textures, and much more. A great option to consider for sure.

Yamaha MX61

Real-Time Control

The MX61 is fully equipped with nice and easy to use knobs. The control panel is laid back, sophisticated and solid. You can easily and seamlessly edit, store, and find any of your needed sounds. There is also a template editor in the Yamaha MX 61 so you can adjust everything to your own preferences. You can have full control over your editing and working which is very nice.

Other Features And Specifications

The Yamaha MX 61 comes with 128 polyphony notes, and 16 parts multitimbral, which is crucial to have on a keyboard like this. These extras allow you to play any type of music you like without a worry. Yamaha also perfected a tone generator which can be used on the stage or live playing.

The Yamaha MX 61 comes with multiple software such as the Yamaha YC-3B, Cubase Al, and the Steinberg Prologue. The keyboard also has smart features such as an auto-off feature, which will turn the keyboard off after a period of inactivity.

Yamaha MX61 White

Final Thoughts

Yamaha is a very popular brand on the market, and it is understandable since they are producing such high quality and well-priced instruments. In this Yamaha MX61 review we have looked at a powerful keyboard which is excellent for experienced musicians and for those who like to mix up their own music.

The Yamaha MX 61 allows full control over editing and making music, with the 61 full size and velocity sensitive keys. The MX 61 is portable, lightweight and a good companion for the music industry. If you are not sure about a keyboard or a synthesizer, make sure to check out this thorough guide on these keyboard instruments.

Hopefully, this guide was a great help to you regarding the Yamaha MX 61 and now you know what to expect from this handy instrument. Make sure to read complete reviews so you know what to expect from this keyboard, also if you have a chance make sure to try it out before you buy it.