Roland RD 800 Review: How Good Is The Roland RD 800?

The Roland RD 800 is no wonder the brand’s best seller digital piano. The RD-800 offers such a huge variety of features and extras. If you are looking for a digital piano which exceeds in every single aspect a digital piano should, then the Roland Rd800 is an excellent option for you.

In this Roland RD 800 review, we will take a look at the sound quality, key action, and added features. We will highlight the best of it, compare and contrast the basic, and draw a conclusion on this great digital piano. Let’s get into the Roland 800 review.

Roland RD 800 Digital Piano

Roland RD 800

Roland RD800 Review Ratings:


The Roland band has produced some pretty amazing sound engines so far, but the SuperNATURAL is the most amazing yet. It makes the most wonderful sounds, which are rich and full. The RD800 keyboard is realistic and high quality and a pleasure to play on. The fully weighted and graded keys are made from a synthetic ivory material to truly authenticate an acoustic piano. The RD800 Roland digital piano also offers over 1000 different sounds.


The Roland RD 800 price tag is very, very high. However, it is only because the digital piano offers such a huge variety of amazing features, so this cannot really be categorized as a con. This is an excellent option for those who are serious about music and what to have a high-quality instrument which is long lasting.

Touch Sensitive: 5 / 5

Piano Sound: 5 / 5

Product Quality: 5 / 5

Our Rating: 5 / 5


Sound Quality

As mentioned before in this RD800 review, the SuperNATURAL sound engine by Roland is amazing. It is powerful, rich, and full. The sound quality will literally take your breath away. The RD 800 has some very amazing recorded samples which make sure every single tone comes out perfect. There are also over 1000 different voices and tones, which are all beautiful, clear, and crips.

These voices and tones are all sampled from the bestseller Roland grand concert piano, which gives a wonderful and authentic sound to the Roland RD 800 digital piano.

Roland RD 800 review

Key Action And Realism

The RD 800 Roland digital piano is equipped with the very best keyboard the company has ever made. It is not only graded and weighted, but touch sensitive, has a perfect resistance, and it is made from a synthetic ivory material.

All the Roland RD800 reviews say that the key realism is absolutely phenomenal. The digital piano detects how hard you are pressing down the keys so it will make the perfect amount of volume. As mentioned the keys are made from a great material so you will never hear that awful plastic clicking sound cheaper models make. The Roland RD 800 is an exceptional digital piano, and it can easily accommodate any piano player.

Other Specifications And Features

The Roland 800 is an excellent digital piano for those who like to have many great features. If you combine the amazing features with excellent key realism and sound quality, you will have a powerful digital piano for sure. Everything is laid out easily on the digital piano so you can adjust and edit everything you do without a hassle.

As mentioned before, over 1000 added sounds and voices will never leave you without a new option!

The digital piano is also pretty light and portable as it weighs under 50 pounds. The Roland Rd 800 can be the perfect companies to newbies who really want to learn on a digital piano which mimics an acoustic piano and has an authentic sound quality, but it is also perfect for more experienced players as well since the dozens of features and settings take time and practice.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for something pure amazing and genius? The Roland RD 800 is a super option to consider, however, you have to keep in mind the high price tag. Since the RD 800 is an excellent quality instrument the price needs to reflect on that.

The sound quality is amazing, you will truly feel like you are playing on an acoustic piano since the sounds were all sampled from a Roland concert grand piano. The key realism and action are also pretty wonderful, as it has a fully weighted and graded keyboard.

The keys are made from synthetic ebony and ivory to mimic a true feeling of an acoustic piano. If you are interested in the very best digital pianos on the market in 2019 make sure to read our detailed piano guide over here

The many features are all excellent and you will enjoy playing on the Roland RD 800. Hopefully, this guide helped you to understand the digital piano better so now you can make your decision about it.