Best Piano Lights And Lamps

Piano lights are very much needed tools, especially if you have a darker room or you want to practice at night. After all, all great musicians need to have good hand-eye coordination.

Lamps are crucial when studying, and if you are a beginner, it can be hard to choose the best lamp for your needs.

The question is: are you looking for a piano lamp?

If yes, you are at the most perfect place. I have searched high and low to find the very best piano lamps.

In this guide, we will take a look at various piano lamps, so if you have a set budget, you will find something great as well. Some of these piano lamps can be used for digital pianos, keyboards or upright pianos as well.Let’s atek a look at the best piano lamps!

1. Cocoweb 22” Led Grand Piano Lamp

Nothing beats this amazing handy piano led light. This light barely heats up, which is great, and it does not harm your eyes if you spend a lot of time at your piano.  One of the best piano lamps for grand pianos.

The 22” inch piano light ensures to light up only the necessary places. You can also adjust the brightness with remote control. There is also a timer function so you can time your sessions or classes with it.

The battery promises 40 hours of runtime, so you do not have to recharge it each day. The LED light is also very durable, which means this lamp will last for a good few years. It is a bit more expensive but it is an excellent investment. No wonder this is pretty much the best piano lamp.


2. Cocoweb 19” LED Clip On Piano Light

This is a bit cheaper and smaller version of the Cocoweb 22”. It does not have a remote control but it has every other great and basic feature. If you are looking for a great lamp which is slightly cheaper, this is a great option.

You can adjust the direction of the piano LED light with the swivel neck and the 19” shade. The LED lights last up to 50.000 hours and they are safe for the eyes.

The brightness can be controlled through the dimmer, and the cord is long enough to place it where it is the most convenient for you.


3. Taotronics TT-DL01 14W LED Lamp

If you are on a budget but want to find the best piano lightning, the TaoTronics will do the job well. There are 5 adjustable brightness levels and a rotatable arm and base so you can use it at any direction at various brightness levels.

After an hour it will automatically switch off which can be great as a timer and also saving on the electricity bill for you. The piano light has a memory function which will remember your preferences.


4. Mighty Bright 54910 Encore LED Piano Music Light

This brand is not joking around, they are promising 100.000 hours of run time with the 6 bright LED lights.

There are only two brightness settings on this piano light, but the optical lenses ensure a great distribution of light.

The gooseneck is adjustable to your preference so you can set it as you like. It also comes with a travel bag for easy carrying.


5. Vont Dimmable LED Piano Lamp

This is a highly rated piano light so make sure to take a look at this option before you buy anything else. It has 4 different light modes and 5 different brightness settings to make sure you can have the perfect light while you play on the piano.

The light arm is adjustable and you can simply fold it up and store it. It also has an auto-off feature so you will never forget the light on.

There is also a charging point but it is not the best to charge your mobile from the lamp. Make sure to handle with care because it is very lightweight.


6. Regency Hill Antique Brass With Marble Piano Desk Lamp

Are you a retro lover? This Regency Hill piano lightning is excellent for you then. The lamp shade and the arm is both adjustable so you can light up the most needed spots.

The brass and metal construction provides great durability but it is pretty heavy too.

Since it is not a LED piano light the bulb will need replacing.


7. Kootek 10 Clip On 10 Led Orchestra Lamp

If you are looking for a great clip on piano lamp this might be the perfect one for you. It has one button which turns the lamp on and off and you can also adjust the brightness with it. It can be used as a clip on piano lights or as a stand-up lamp for piano.

Since it is easily adjustable you can always light your notes or the keys.

It is battery powered and super lightweight so you can easily carry it around. The battery life is not the best so always keep an eye on it.


8. Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Lamp

The Boston Harbor is one of those classic piano lights for upright, however, on a bit cheaper side. It comes with a satin nickel finish which gives a great antique look.

This one is in the led piano lights category so do not forget about the light bulbs. The 40W bulbs are perfect to light up your notes and keys. The arm is adjustable so you can focus on the most needed areas.

The Boston Harbor is not as durable as other models but the price truly reflects on it.


9. Lumiens L9 Clip On Orchestra LED Lamp

The Lumiens L9 features amazing optical lenses which help with even light distribution and it won’t hurt your eyes. There are two different settings for brightness s well.

The arm and the 10” gooseneck are both adjustable so you can easily move it around. It has only 20 hours of battery life, but that should be enough for a couple of days at least.

The silicon pad is a great protector but make sure to handle it with care.


10. Lightess LED Clip On Music Stand Light

Great and affordable light for piano players. The LED light can be adjusted to two different brightness levels.

The adjustable gooseneck allows you to move it around and focus the light on where you need it. It can be used as a clip-on or as a standing lap.

Since it is a cheaper model it lacks durability and long battery life, but the affordable price is a great advantage.


Final Thoughts

There are some amazing piano lights on the market, and you can easily find the perfect one for your budget. If you are having trouble with your decision, we hope this guide will help you with it. These lamps can be used for upright digital pianos or keyboards.

If you love to practice at night, a good piano lamp is very much needed.  Check out the best digital pianos to accompany with your new lamp. Whatever your needs are regarding a good piano lamp, any of these piano lamps will serve you well.