Piano Books For Kids: Which is Best?

Finding a great piano book for kids can be a challenge. Interestingly, it is said that children can learn to play the piano even under 3 years! However, if you want to teach your little one to learn the piano, you have to keep in mind that they have very short periods of attention.

If you want to find books which are not only fun but also helpful, make sure to keep on reading, because you might find the perfect book for your needs. 

However, if you find a great book which is colourful, interesting, and might amuse the children, you are good to go. In this guide, we will take a look at the best children’s piano book selections, which will help the kids to learn and get interested in the piano. Let’s check out the top four choices of children piano books. 

Bastien Piano Basics Primer Level – Piano

Most piano books for kids were designed to attract attention with cool objects, colours, animals, and other fun elements. This is not different from the Bastien piano book. This beginner piano book for kids can be used to teach technique, performance, and theory, and kids can even learn progressive sequence.

This particular book was made for kids who are between the ages of 7 and 11, so if you want piano books for toddlers, you might want to choose something else. Always pay attention to what kind of music the child loves the most and try to stick with that.


Level 1 – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures

Nancy Faber and Randall Faber did pay special attention to what makes something interesting for children. This child piano book is filled to the brim with colourful drawings and huge notes so kids can try to read them. The colours and the interesting objects all over the place will help to keep the kids attention, we promise. 

Also, this book has puzzles, games, music theory lessons, and practice elements. It is all build up in a way to make it interesting for children. An excellent option while looking for children piano books.


Scales Bootcamp

The Scales Bootcamp is included in the best piano lesson books for kids because it is said to be the fastest way to learn the scales. Learning scales can be a challenge to some kids, however, most find it pretty easy to remember because of the different flat and sharp notes.

The Scales kid piano books teach in blocks, so it does not need to be learned at the same time. If you think your child finds playing the piano is super boring, make sure to invest in fun and interesting piano books for child beginners. Now, this is a book every kid will enjoy, and you do not have to nag them to actually pay attention to it and practice. 


Music For Little Mozarts: Music Workbook One (Music For Little Mozarts)

Kids piano books need to be interesting, colourful, and vibrant to actually make children pay attention. If you are looking for the best piano books for kids, make sure to consider the Little Mozarts music book. It is an 8-book package which is all edited according to age and ability.

Also, it is super colourful and it makes notes and learning fun. The series includes piano lesson books for preschoolers, toddlers, and school kids as well. This book truly makes notes and technique learning fun and interesting! This book will truly get the kids going with piano playing, and they will always want to flip through the colourful pages. 


Final Thoughts

Finding the best piano book for children is hard, but not impossible. Brands make wonderful designated books for kids, so they can enjoy learning on the piano. These books are colourful, fun, interesting, and easy to work with. It is pretty tough to get kids to pay attention for a longer period of time, but with these books, you might be more successful.

There are books for kids who are under 3, or over 10 years old. Learning the piano should not be a hassle, and this books won’t give a headache to your children. If you want to add something extra and more fun to the piano to make children interested in playing, check out these fun piano key labels as well.