Digital Grand Piano Review: What To Know Before Buying

Grand pianos are the most beautiful types of pianos. No piano plays the same way, and acoustic pianos have the nicest sounds. Having a grand piano is a big dream for all piano players, but unfortunately, they cost a small – and sometimes a big – amount of money.

However, for those of us want to experience the feel of a grand piano, and not spend a huge fortune on it, the digital grand piano technology is the perfect choices. A digital grand piano or a digital grand piano offers the same quality of a grand piano, but there are many more advantages too.

In this guide, we will take a look at an electric grand piano and an electric baby grand piano to compare features, modes and more. We will highlight the best digital grand pianos on the market, and suggest a micro grand piano for those who are looking for something smaller.

Digital Grand Piano Reviews

Though electronic grand piano models cost a fragment of actual concert pianos, they still can be pricey. Digital baby grands, of course, cost a little less, but there is no huge difference. Before you head out to buy a digital grand piano, make sure to keep a few features in mind.

Digital Grand Piano Buying GuideCost Does Not Guarantee Quality

Guarantee Quality

Do not let the high prices of digital grand pianos and electric baby grand pianos fool you. The high price does not mean it will be a quality product.

Grand piano pictures can be misleading, same with the digital grand piano for sale advertisements.

Make sure to research the digital grand piano forums and reviews to determine what is the best one to choose. Some brands, such as the Yamaha digital grand piano and the Suzuki digital pianos are great, so try to stick with a brand you know.

Digital Grand Piano Buying GuideAppearance Makes A Difference

Grand pianos are simply beautiful. They can be the centrepiece of a home, and because of this, the look of the piano should make a significant difference in your decision making. Baby grand digital piano models and digital grand pianos come in multiple shapes, sizes and colours. Choose accordingly to your taste and preference!

This is something you cannot shove into your closet, so make sure to choose something you really like.

Of course, digital grand pianos are amazing instruments, but they are kind of like furniture as well. They will be noticeable right away.

Digital Grand Piano Buying GuideDigital Grand Pianos Come in Various Sizes

Digital grand pianos are very, very big, so if you have limited space or move around, a digital mini grand piano is maybe a better option for you. Check out the Yamaha electric baby grand piano and the Suzuki baby grand piano models.

Digital Grand Piano Differences

Digital Grand Pianos are Just Like Any Other Digital Piano

Might come as a surprise, but digital grand pianos the same as any other digital piano. But still pay attention to features and modes because you want to choose a model which best fits your needs.

Sound quality is always of upmost importance, so think about the size and number of speakers, how many polyphony notes it has, and how the sound samples were recorded.

The features and modes are very important, so do not forget to review those and compare them with other digital grand pianos as well.

Digital Baby Grand Piano

Digital Baby Grand Pianos

These are way easier to move and can be fit into more typical households. The digital baby grand piano have as classic look like full-size models, but they are much more preferred than the big models are.

The following two models are the best choices for a baby grand piano, so if you are after something in this category make sure to consider these options. Suzuki baby grand pianos are very popular, and there are many digital baby grand piano for sale.

Let’s take a peek at these Suzuki digital baby grand piano models.

Suzuki MDG-330 Baby Grand Digital Piano

The Suzuki MDG-330 is very similar to the MDG-300, and basically, the only difference is the bit bigger size. It is also a very attractive looking digital concert piano.

It is an amazing instrument to play on, and it also has some amazing features just like the MDG-300. Equipped with the same, high-quality keys, and the 128 different voices to choose from. This beautiful and great quality instruments are truly amazing and good choices.

Suzuki MDG-300 Baby Grand Digital Piano

This beautiful digital baby grand piano from Suzuki is a work of art. It has all the features you need and the sound quality is great.

The MDG-300 comes with fully-weighted keys, which are very realistic and good quality. This is also a model from Suzuki’s sound sampling technology, and it has 128 notes of polyphony at maximum. This makes sounds full and rich and simply a pleasure to play on.

There are some great features, like 80 different voices, USB and MIDI connectivity, a headphone jack, recording with playback, and even Bluetooth. It is also one of the best baby digital pianos on the market that are affordable.

Final Thoughts

Not very keen on Suzuki grand pianos? make sure to check out Yamaha digital baby grand piano models. They are also very beautiful and amazing quality, but on the bit more expensive side. Yamaha mini grand piano models are well-equipped and easy to use.

Digital grand piano instruments are extraordinary and would make amazing companions to piano players. When choosing your digital grand piano keep all the features in mind and decide accordingly. If you are not sure about grand pianos, you can read about the best digital pianos here.