Chopin Pieces – The 5 Most Famous Works


Chopin is a well know piano composer, and his work is beloved all across the globe. He composed more than 200 songs. Frederic Chopin was born in Poland, but he changed to French citizenship since he lived there until 1849.

Chopin was a natural born talent, and his extraordinary skills have been a huge surprise to everyone. Chopin has lived in an era which highly influenced his music. His music covers lots of emotions, like happiness and sadness, and meant for solo piano play.

The best description for his pieces is poetic which expresses many emotions. Chopin piano pieces can be found in many different niches, like waltzes, sonatas, polonaises, impromptus, mazurkas, etudes, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the most famous Chopin pieces.

The Revolutionary Etude, Etude Op.10, NO.12 In C Minor

One of the most famous Chopin songs is the Etude Op.10, NO.12 In C Minor, which is one of his first pieces, and it was composed in 1831. It was published during the Polish November Uprising as a protest against the Bolshevik authorities.

This Chopin piece tells the story of pain and struggle. From this Chopin famous piece, it is easy to tell that he has used harmonies to describe the troubles, because of the happenings in the country.

As it is one of the most famous Chopin pieces, it is a dedication to his dear Hungarian companion, Franz Liszt. Up until today, Etudes Op. 10 remains as one of Chopin’s most famous pieces of work. It clearly demonstrated the extraordinary talent he had.

A Polish Traditional Song, A Young Girl’s Wish

Chopin was a fan of the Polish folk traditions and culture, and he had a huge contribution to it by making music using traditional poetry. Most of Chopin’s pieces were inspired by traditions and emotions. Chopin famous works, like this one, is the perfect example.

It tells the story of a peasant girl is in love. It is inspired by a poem by Stefan Witwicki. A Young Girl’s Wish became so popular that even Franz Liszt worked it into one of his famous works. Some Chopin famous works are in other well-known songs, you might just not know it.

The Minute Waltz, Waltz In D-Flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1

The Waltz in D-flat Major is without any doubt is at the top of Chopin most famous pieces list. Frederic Chopin famous works are beloved by many, especially the waltzes. The piece has a nice tempo, with the addition of the pedal all the way in the piece, which makes it a loved salon piece.

The Minute title in the name means it is a shorter version. If you would want to play this piece in one minute, in every minute, you would have to play 420 quarter notes.

The piece was known as the ‘Little Dog Waltz’ because it evokes the imagery of a little dog chasing his tail. Chopin most famous works are practised by many piano players, and some can be very challenging.

The heroic Polonaise, Polonaise In A-Flat Major, Op. 53

Polonaise in A-flat major is mostly connected with patriotism, independence, and national pride. A mentioned, Chopin famous pieces mostly reflect on emotions and traditions, and it is not different from this one either.

Chopin was proud and emotional in his compositions, and Chopin best songs truly reflect on that. This composition is very advanced, and someone with more advanced piano skills is required to truly interpret the emotions.

This piece gets its nickname from the French novelist, George Sand and his writing titled’ The Vigor! The Strenght! The Inspiration!’.

It is because such determination and spirit were needed in the 1848 French Revolution. Ever since, like other famous Chopin pieces, the Polonaise is a heroic symbol.

24 Preludes, Op. 28

This particular Chopin piece dominated and influenced piano music for decades, and it continues to be one of Chopin most famous pieces. Henry Finck, a musicologist said, if all the piano music were gone except for only one, he would want to have this.

The Opus 28 Preludes immediately enchanted everyone. Preludes were most often introductory pieces for larger projects, but Chopin has exceeded all presumption and performed alone very well. Of course, there were a few mixed feelings about Chopin’s Preludes.

Nevertheless, as many Chopin famous songs, the Preludes is being used by many piano players and teachers until today.

There is no doubt, Chopin had influenced the music industry, and his songs were – and still are – much beloved. His music is appreciated by different generations, and his compositions are studied by many pupils all over the world.

Chopin popular songs will always remain popular, and they are excellent for practice and pleasure as well. If you like to learn about piano players, read about famous blind piano players as well.