Dueling Piano Songs: The Top Choices

Interestingly, dueling piano songs have been popular since the late 1890s? Nowadays this style came back, especially in the form of piano bar songs. If you want to find good dueling piano songs, keep on reading! This has been very popular in multiple big cities because many performance artists like dueling piano songs. To play … Read more

Chopin Pieces – The 5 Most Famous Works

Chopin is a well know piano composer, and his work is beloved all across the globe. He composed more than 200 songs. Frederic Chopin was born in Poland, but he changed to French citizenship since he lived there until 1849. Chopin was a natural born talent, and his extraordinary skills have been a huge surprise … Read more

Casio VS Yamaha Keyboard – Which Is Better?

Both Yamaha and Casio have been the top brands on the market for high-quality digital pianos. Many heated debates were fought over which is better, and it is very hard to choose since both brands are very popular and make very good digital pianos. In this guide, we will review and compare the two brands … Read more

Famous Blind Piano Players And Blind Musicians

Blind musicians and piano players who play just like masters are a huge phenomenon. Blind piano players have a slight disadvantage, however, this does not mean that there are no examples of exceptional blind musicians. Let’s take a look at famous blind singers and piano players. Ray Charles If you think about a famous blind … Read more