Casio VS Yamaha Keyboard – Which Is Better?

Both Yamaha and Casio have been the top brands on the market for high-quality digital pianos. Many heated debates were fought over which is better, and it is very hard to choose since both brands are very popular and make very good digital pianos.

In this guide, we will review and compare the two brands so you can choose the best keyboard for your needs. Hopefully, the Casio vs Yamaha digital piano debate will settle!

A Side By Side Comparison Of Yamaha vs. Casio Keyboards

The best way to decide between the Yamaha and the Casio keyboards is to take a look at them side by side. This way you can look for the qualities you need and prefer and learn about the features each digital piano brand offers.


Yamaha P45 review

It is pretty much impossible to compare each and every Casio vs Yamaha keyboard, but by looking at each brands and their digital pianos as a whole you can learn a lot. Both brands build their digital pianos the same way, so various models will have very similar features. This means you can compare Yamaha keyboards to find the best ones. You can also do the same with Casio keyboard pianos. Let’s take a look at the seven most important factors in the Casio or Yamaha keyboard battle.

Sound Quality And Key Action

These are the two factors that make digital pianos great and good to play on. Great keyboards are built in a way to mimic acoustic pianos perfectly. The Casio vs Yamaha digital piano debate cannot be decided on these factors only, because both brands are great in this.

Otherwise, they would not be the leading digital piano brands. Check out some Yamaha or Casio keyboard reviews to learn about these features. You can also learn about the best digital pianos here.

Yamaha has the advantage of producing excellent grand pianos which they record sounds from. This is why some Yamaha models feel and sound a bit better than the lower priced Casio pianos.

How The Sound Quality Matches Up

Let’s take a bit deeper view on sound quality There are some digital pianos which are very similar and comparable, such as the Yamaha P45 vs Casio CDP 130 pianos.

However, Yamaha most often adds more features, tones, and voices to the pianos If you are composing and want something with multiple features, this can decide your Yamaha or Casio question. Of course, Casio has plenty of advantages as well. such as 4 different kinds of reverb and chorus options.

Value For Money

Value for Your Money

There are many cheap digital pianos on the market, but if you spend a lot of time in front of the instrument, you need to invest in one that is high quality and durable. Both Yamaha and Casio have affordable but great quality pianos, however, in this Casio vs Yamaha round Casio is on top.

Brand Reputation

Some people care a lot about the brand’s name, and others do not care at all. Both Casio and Yamaha are very well known brands in the piano world, so in this case, both of them are winners.

Yamaha has been producing digital pianos for a longer time, and they also have a great line of grand pianos too. In this case, Yamaha is a better reputable brand.

Catalogue Variety

Catalogue Variety


In this round, the Yamaha vs Casio keyboards debate is very close and hard to decide on.

Yamaha has a huge variety and a large catalogue.

However, Casio made it very important to make a piano for every type of musician. They even have attractive furniture style pianos. They do not have as many types as Yamaha does, but in one line there is a huge variety.

Digital Features

Digital Features

Digital features are a big part of the decision making when buying a great digital piano. These digital features come in handy, especially for those who want to compose music.

Both Yamaha and Casio made it equally important to add amazing features and digital modes to the pianos.

However, it is Yamaha who has more advantage in this category. Yamaha keyboards reviews state that there are simply more useful features than in the very best Casio keyboard ones.

Yamaha offers a feature which is like a built-in teacher for beginners. The digital features truly make the difference in the Yamaha pianos.

Quality Of Constructions

No matter how good does your digital piano sounds if it breaks very soon. In the Yamaha Casio debate, it is a very close call.

The Casio keyboards are very well constructed and they truly show it. However, the same goes for Yamaha too! These two companies simply do not let their digital pianos to break down easily.

Whether you choose a Yamaha or Casio keyboard, it will be the right decision.

Aesthetics And Design

Aesthetics and DesignAre you going to place a digital piano in your home?  If yes, you want it to look nice. If you are going to use your keyboard on a stage, you will also want to have a nice one, not a toy-like keyboard.

Both Yamaha and Casio make very nice, high-quality looking models. This category only reflects on your individual preference, as no one can decide for you.

Casio has some furniture style pianos, so you can easily browse around and pick one you like. Just because of Casio’s Privia line they might have an advantage in the Casio vs Yamaha keyboard battle.



Master piano players will always prefer ebony and ivory keys produce the very best sounds. If you are looking for this quality in lightweight digital pianos, the job might be a bit hard.

Yamaha P105 and Casio PX150 have these high qualities, so make sure to check them out. You can also choose how sensitive you like the keys to be.

Yamaha is a tiny bit more advanced in this, and they try to use the ‘GHA’ system in most digital pianos.

Final Thoughts

It is very hard to choose in the Casio vs Yamaha keyboard battle. It all comes down to your own preference so think about your priorities and choose accordingly.

Hopefully, this guide gave you a little bit of guidance, and you can decide after. There is no right or wrong decision here, so stick with your gut and always consider all your options.