Best Electrionic Keyboard For Beginners

There are loads of so called best electronic keyboards on the market which are perfect for beginners to start practising on. These instruments do not have to cost a fortune as some digital pianos do.

I have gathered the best electronic keyboards on the market to make decision making easier for you. All of these keyboards are affordable, easy to use, portable, and make the best digital keyboard for beginners.

To save you time and energy, I have gathered multiple brands, sizes, and values of keyboards to help you choose. Most times you have to look through dozens of reviews to compare models, which can take hours and hours of research. Piano keyboard reviews don’t always show all the features, so in this guide, I will reflect on the most important aspects.

Best Electronic Keyboard For Beginners

Yamaha P35

Yamaha P105

Casio PX150

Best Portable Keyboards

Yamaha YPG-535

Yamaha YPG-235

Casio PX150

How To Choose The Best Digital Keyboard

In these electronic keyboard reviews, I have gathered the top five tips for you which might be helpful when looking for your new keyboard. These tips are especially helpful if you are a beginner.

Always Check Out The Basic Features

It is very important to always check out the basic features in instruments, regardless if it’s your very first digital piano or keyboard. Always look for the key count, because digital pianos and keyboards can have a range of keys. To answer the most common question beginners have: acoustic pianos have 88 keys. If you want to transit to an acoustic, later on, try to choose a keyboard which has 88 keys as well.

Williams Overture review

The best electronic keyboard for beginners will, of course, have 88 keys. If you found a keyboard which has 88 keys, keep in mind to check out other basic features as well, such as if the keys are weighted are graded, how heavy the keyboard is, and how good the sound quality is.

All of these features can be found easily in the keyboards’ buying guide. However, you can always check out keyboard piano reviews as well.

Check Out The Other Features

Finding the best piano keyboard for money can be a little challenging. Some of the less expensive models do not offer a wide range of features, however, you can find great keyboards with many features which are inexpensive as well. Good features to have on your keyboard include, connectivity ports such as USB and MIDI, headphone jack, a library of voices – of course, the more the merrier, built-in speakers, and recorded just to mention a few.

Some of the keyboard models come with other modes and settings. These modes can be very helpful in music production as some music keyboards review state.

Make Sure To Red Digital Keyboards Review

Some of the piano keyboard review comments can be extremely helpful and they help to learn about the best features, modes, settings, and what does each digital keyboard can offer. These music keyboard reviews are also honest, and they are not set up in a way to make you buy products which are not actually that good. The best way to learn about keyboards is to ask people who have already played that instrument.

Keep Your Budget In Mind


Consider Your BudgetSome keyboard might be inexpensive for some and might be over the budget for others. Always have a set budget so you can choose accordingly. If you are a beginner you probably would like to have an affordable good electronic keyboard.

Check out the best digital pianos guide if you want something more advanced as your first electronic instrument.

Buy From A Well-Known Company

There are dozens of piano brands on the market, however, not all of them are trustworthy. Always consider the best brands available. You can check out this detailed guide on the best piano brands.

The best digital keyboards do not have to be overpriced, and brands like Casio, Yamaha, Roland, and Williams offer great starter keyboards. As mentioned before, digital keyboard review articles can be very helpful, so you can learn about the best keyboards on the market.

Why Is It Important To Find The Best Electronic Keyboards

If you search on the market for a keyboard you will have to choose from hundreds of different types. This is why it is so important to find good quality and reliable instruments. Most of the available keyboards on the market which are cheap won’t last too long due to lack of quality. A good electric keyboard will serve you well for years. It is important to receive quality for your money.

Actually, many of the available keyboards which are cheap are simply a bit more than toys. Yes, they are portable, but the sound quality and the key realism is very far from good.

However, there are plenty of amazing keyboards available, which are not only portable and affordable but will produce high quality, rich and full sounds. In the list below I have gathered the top five digital pianos for beginners and the top five portable pianos which are all amazing quality.

Realistic key action and good sound should be the most important features in digital instruments. Of course, the many extra features can useful, especially if you like to mix up your own sounds.

Make sure to give yourself some time, and do not pick up the very first digital piano or electronic keyboard, as finding the perfect one for your needs can take a little time.

Top 5 Beginner Digital Pianos

Yamaha P35

One of the best features of the Yamaha P35 is the GHS keyboard, which stands for Graded hammer Standard. This means that the keyboard has a very good key action which is realistic. The sound of the piano is nice, and the built-in speakers help with the great volume. This way you can set the volume to your own preference.

yamaha p35 review

The Yamaha P35 offers a large variety of modes and settings, which can all be used while learning to play the piano. The p35 is probably one of the very fest digital pianos you can get as a beginner. If you combine all the features, the amazing sound quality, and the key realism, you will get a pretty great digital piano. The Yamaha P35 is an excellent beginner digital piano.


Yamaha P105

The Yamaha P35 is like a small little brother of the Yamaha P105. Just like the P35 the P105 offers amazing sound quality, realistic key action, and plenty of features. The keyboard is equipped with a superb sound engine, which makes great notes, and the 128 polyphony notes make sure that even the complicated pieces will be played perfectly.

yamaha p105 review

The best piano keyboard 2017 was the Yamaha P105 and we can fully agree with that. The Graded Hammer Standard keys provide beautiful key realism, and the built-in speakers make sure that you will hear the sound quality. The keyboard is also equipped with multiple voices, modes, programs, and settings. Also, the P105 is very lightweight and you can easily transport it.


Casio PX150

The Casio PX150 is probably one the best digital pianos on the market which is affordable, yet amazing. This is truly a good choice for beginners. Also, the price range is great, so Casio truly gives a chance to everyone to pick up a great quality digital piano.

Casio PX150 review

You can look up the PX150 digital keyboard reviews to learn more about the amazing quality of sound and the key realism. The graded keys give such a realistic effect, and you probably wouldn’t find anything better especially for the price. The keys also provide accurate resistance.

Not to mention, the PX150 comes with many great modes, programs, settings, and features which can be handy for beginner and more advanced players as well.


Williams Overture 88-Key Digital Piano

There are many amazing cabinet style digital pianos, however, not all of them are affordable and great for beginners. Are you looking for a digital piano which will serve you well as a beginner and also looks amazing? The Williams Overture keyboard might be the perfect choice for you then. The realistic keys and the sound quality will also please you. This digital piano is often mentioned in various electronic keyboards review articles due to its great quality and stylish look.

Williams Overture review

Furthermore, you can also adjust the key sensitivity to your own preference, which is a great extra. The sounds are rich and full, so you can play complicated pieces and truly have the acoustic feeling of them.

Not to mention the dozens of amazing settings, programs, and features the Williams Overture offers to players. You will be truly amazed by this digital piano, that is for sure. This instrument definitely worths consideration.


Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

The Williams Allegro is very similar to the Williams Overture digital piano, as it also has great sound quality, plenty of features, and realistic key action. The Williams Allegro offers probably one of the best weighted keyboards available on the market in 2019.

Williams Allegro Digital Piano Review

The Allegro is portable, easy to use, and offers a big variety of features to users. The keys are sensitive and can be adjusted to your preference. This also means the sound will be adjusted accordingly to the pressing pressure.

Also, the Allegro has 64 polyphony notes, a two-track recorder, multiple voices, a metronome, and plenty of features. And, the price is amazing. This is truly a superb digital piano and beginners and more advanced players can enjoy it equally.


Top 5 Portable Keyboards

There are many portable keyboards on the market, however, portability does not equal with great quality. In this guide, we will take a look at the top five portable keyboards which all offer plenty of functions, great sounds quality, and nice key realism.

It is also very important to keep in mind that a good portable keyboard is very lightweight. You can find keyboards which re amazing but also weight about 100 pounds.

Yamaha is the top leader in the industry, they make multiple amazing quality portable keyboards in various price ranges. If you are a travelling musician or simply looking for a keyboard which can be carried easily, consider the top five picks here:

Yamaha YPG 535 Portable Grand Keyboard

The Yamaha YPG 535 is one of the best portable keyboards you will find on the market today. It weighs only 37 pounds, and that is very light. However, this lightweight does not mean that it misses any of the great features! This keyboard is fully equipped with Graded Soft Touch keys, and the keyboard offers a nice grand piano sound. All of this together offers a nice playing experience.

Yamaha YPG-535 review

The Yamaha YPG 535 comes with many settings, modes, features, and multiple sound samplings so you can even mix up your own sounds.

Also, the keyboard is equipped with multiple modes, like a large database, recorder, USB and MIDI connectivity ports, and much more.


Yamaha Piaggero NP31 Portable Keyboard

The first thing I have to mention the Yamaha Piaggero is the weight. It only weighs 12 pounds, believe it or not! Also, the keyboard runs on AA batteries so you do not have to worry about a power outlet. This literally makes it the most portable digital keyboard on the market, which is, of course, great quality.

Yamaha NP31 review

Do not let the small size and the super lightweight fool you, the Piaggero is fully packed with features and modes. The quality of the sound is amazing, and the keyboard is just the same as the YPG 535’s. It offers great resistance and weighted keys.

You will be amazed by the rich and full sounds this keyboard makes. The small size truly hides many great features.

The keyboard also comes with many built-in extras, so it can be a handy instrument for you. This is an excellent choice for beginners!


Yamaha YPG-235 Portable keyboard

Most of the keyboards which are included in this guide offer very similar features and modes. Also, all of the top five portable keyboards are made by Yamaha, so they will, of course, have plenty of similarities. However, a few features really set the Yamaha YPG 235 apart from the rest.

Yamaha YPG-235 review

The most important factor to mention, especially for students, is the Education Suite which is a great guide for anyone who is learning. You can also connect the keyboard to a computer, so you can download your saved files and edit them.

Also, this keyboard lets you edit your music by adding layers, sounds, voices, and much more. You can create anything you like with the provided tools. In this price range, the Yamaha YPG 235 is probably the very best digital keyboard available.


Yamaha PSRE343 61-Key Portable Keyboard

This is a little more complicated keyboard, and might not be the best for beginners to start learning on, but the Yamaha PSRE 343 portable keyboard offers a lot, especially for the price range. If you are a musician who wants a portable instrument which is extremely good quality, this is the one. This 61-key keyboard weighs only 8.8 pounds, so you can literally just grab it and go.

Yamaha PSRE-343

Just as before, the lightweight does not mean a lack of quality or features. The PSRE343 offers great settings and modes, and plenty of volumes to blast off your favourite tunes. The built-in stereo technology provides rich and full sounds.

This keyboard is also equipped with the Education Suit which is great if you want to keep on learning. Not to mention the over 500 included voices and many more features which make this keyboard amazing.


Yamaha PSRE243 61-Key Portable Keyboard

The PSRE243 is very similar to the PSRE343, as it is great with sound and many features. This is an affordable and super lightweight keyboard which will serve you well with the many features and modes.

Yamaha PSRE-243

Stereo Technology has amazing sounds, and you can control the volume according to your preferences. The rich and full piano sounds are very surprising, especially for the given price. Just like many wonderful Yamaha models, the PSRE243 also comes with the Education Suite to help you with learning and practising.

The Yamaha PSRE243 weighs only 12.2 pounds so you can take it anywhere you like. There are also connectivity ports, so you can connect to your computer or phone to save your files.


Final Thoughts

Finding the very best digital keyboard can be a challenge since there are so many on the market. However, some of the offered keyboard and digital pianos are very far away from good. Do not let the cheap price fool you, as these will only last a few months, or they have very limited features.

If you are a beginner piano player it is important to invest in a digital piano or a keyboard which offers plenty of settings, features, modes, and programs which are helpful for your learning. Some of the great Yamaha keyboards have educational programs which help you to get further in learning.

There are many great instruments which are affordable, portable and have amazing sound qualities and key realism. When looking for your new instrument, keep your priorities in mind. If you need something small and lightweight, do not compromise for something else.