Best Digital Piano

Getting the best digital piano for your needs can be a bit hard. If you have a budget or have special requirements in settings and features, you might have to look hard for the right digital piano.

With good guidance, reviews, and information, you can find the very best digital piano which suits your needs.

In order to find the best digital pianos, we have gathered multiple digital piano reviews. You can check out the best five digital pianos for under or at least around $1000 and the best five plus one digital pianos for under or around $2000 or read each individual review.

On the list below is our top three pics in each category, however, if you do not find anything you like on these two lists, make sure to continue to the full piano reviews. In this guide, we will go over important aspects and features, such as sound, value, key feel and more.

You will get plenty of information and reviews about the best digital pianos on the market right now, and some makers which are better to avoid.

We have done deep and thorough research, so hopefully, this page will be a great help for you to decide on what is the best digital piano.

Best Digital Piano Picks Under Or Around $1000

Best Digital Piano Picks Under Or Around $2000

Various Digital Pianos Brands

In the list below, we will discuss the best electronic piano brands on the market. The decision is all up to you, however, a digital piano comparison is very handy! Let’s continue to look at the best electronic pianos. If you are deciding between only two brands, such as Yamaha and Casio, make sure to check out our Yamaha vs. Casio keyboard review.


Casio produces some of the best made and high-quality digital pianos on the market, and there is no doubt about it. Many electronic pianos review suggest that Casio is one of the best brands for beginners because the features help to learn faster and better.

Currently, Casio offers five different cabinet style digital pianos. Such as the PX850 which is probably one of the best electronic pianos available now, especially considering the price of it. Weighted keys, amazing acoustic sound, and 256 polyphony notes make this digital piano great.

The cheaper models, especially those which are below $2000 cannot compete with the PX850, but there are some great ones still.

The PX780 is a pretty good electric piano, and it also has some similar features to the PX850.

Regarding keyboards, Casio makes some of the top digital pianos. The best keyboards include the PX5S, which only weighs 24 pounds so you can be on the go with it any time.

It can produce 256 different instrument tones, which makes it excellent for playing and producing music. The weighted keys are also not something you will find in every keyboard.

Casio also makes great electric upright piano models, such as the PX750 or the PX780 which are compact but work very well. These can be great choices for those who are looking for a great digital piano not too expensive.

Value is a great way to describe Casio. It is a great brand, and if you like to get a high-quality product for your money Casino is fit for you.


Yamaha is currently the top seller in the electric piano market. They offer a large variety of digital pianos under $2000. Yamaha offers great quality pianos to everyone who has a set budget or does not want to spend a small fortune on a good digital piano.

The most popular piano by Yamaha according to the digital pianos reviews is probably the Arius YDP181. It is not only the most well sold digital piano on the market, but it is also one of the best sellers. If you want to compare digital pianos, this one should be on your list.

A less expensive model which is still a high-quality digital piano is the YDP142. It might not have all the features as the YDP181, yet it is an expectational piano, especially for those who are still learning. Other digital pianos in the YDP line is also pretty good with more cheaper models.

Yamaha also made plenty of digital pianos which are under $1000. The cheapest option is the P35. The key realism and action, and the sound quality is not the best, especially compared to the other Yamaha models, but for the affordable price, it can be expected.

The P45B, DGX650 and the P155 are also superb models for both beginners and more advanced players as well.

Yamaha is probably the largest digital piano brand available on the market, and they try to make keyboards to all musicians and budgets. Yamaha is a respected company, providing quality digital pianos in many different forms.


Roland has been producing a large volume of instruments for over 40. Without a doubt, their electronic pianos are the most popular musical instruments of Roland.

Roland makes multiple, high-quality digital pianos which often make various digital piano comparisons.  You can purchase these electronic pianos under or around $2000. These models include the RP301, which offers a huge variety of features and a beautiful Ivory Feel-G keyboard.

The RP301R is very similar, but it is more like an all-around piano for newbies. The F120 is the samller size version of the RP301, but it still contains all the great features, yet it is more portable and a little bit less expensive.

Many of the Roland digital pianos include features like realistic key action, USB ports, recording, multiple modes, and much more. The F20 is an excellent beginner piano with many features, however, it is better for beginners.

Roland is one of the best brands for digital pianos on the market and they offer great products to all levels of players. If you are looking for high piano ratings, Roland is a great brand for you. Good quality and multiple features will make playing better and easier.


Kawai is operating in Japan and has been manufacturing pianos since 1927, which makes them probably one of the oldest brands on the market. Kawai is well known for making amazing hand made acoustic pianos, but they are also very advanced in digital pianos. If you are looking for a digital piano which cost less than $2000, then definitely look around the Kawai digital pianos. There are multiple models to choose from, and the digital pianos reviews suggest they are high quality and well constructed.

The ES7 is a great portable piano, but due to the size and pianos ratings, it is more like a keyboard. It plays acoustic songs well and comes with 88 realistic and good quality keys, also it can play 256 polyphony notes.

The CE220 is a great upright digital piano and it is very popular by many piano players. This is the only Kawai digital piano which comes with authentic wooden keys, which feel amazing.

The KDP90 is also an upright model with amazing features. A great value digital piano is the CN24, which is a wonderful rosewood piano.

Kawai offers electronic pianos which are over $2000, so make sure to read multiple digital piano review sites so you know what to expect from these. If you do not want to spend that much money, the mentioned pianos are amazing, and the many great features will come in handy.

Try To Avoid These Brands

For your best bet try to buy digital pianos from the four mentioned brands because they make high quality and long lasting pianos. When deciding between multiple options, always consider digital pianos comparison guides, so you will know what to look for and what to avoid. There is no question why Roland, Yamaha, Casio, and Kawai are good and beloved brands.

There are also some brands on the market it is best to avoid, especially if you are serious about music. Pianos ratings suggest if they can be trusted, or they are best to avoid.

These brands are often called as ‘toy brands’ because they simply do not have the great sound quality, necessary feels, great features, or added extras. If you are going to spend a lot of time in front of the piano, it should be great and high quality.

These brands include Artesia, Suzuki, Adams, Adagio, Robson, Williams. Most times their digital pianos are made with spring action keys, which can wear out fast and it is a fortune to get them replaced.

If you are a beginner, it can be hard to notice details like the weighted keys, but if you are a more experienced piano player, you will see features like key quality right away.

These digital pianos tend to cost way less than other brands, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Best Digital Piano Reviews Under Or Around $1000

Casio PX150 Review

If you are looking for an electric piano or keyboard which is under $1000, the Casio PX150 is an excellent option. It is considered to be a very good digital piano, and it is extremely affordable. It also comes with great quality features, which is superb at this price range.

Features in the digital piano include a new sound engine, with a very big memory, which means it can produce great quality sounds. The keyboard comes with ivory and ebony textured key and USB connectivity.

The PX150 might not be a cabinet model, it is still capable of amazing sounds and playing flawlessly, with the added bonus of affordability and portability.


Casio PX750 Review

Casio not only claimed the spot for the very best digital piano under $1000 it also made it to second place on the pianos rating list. It is a furniture-like cabinet digital piano. It is attractive and portable, and it also has a very great price. The sound quality and the key action is also noteworthy.

The Px750 and the PX150 are very similar instruments, but the PX750 has more way better speakers. If you do not mind the price difference, the PX750 is more effective.

Other features of the PX750 include USB and MIDI connections, 128 notes of polyphony, a three pedal unit, sliding key cover, and 18 instruments tones

The PX750 is by far the best cabinet style digital piano on the market.


Yamaha P35 Review

You can love a lot about Yamaha’s P35. This is the first P series digital piano. The P35 is a light and affordable digital piano with great features.

The portability is a great added bonus, and you can also enjoy the great acoustic sounds. The P35 achieves the great quality sounds through the AWM technology which produces rich and full sounds.

yamaha p35 review

On top of all of this, the P35 digital piano comes with a graded hammer keyboard. This means that the lower keys are heavier, and the lower keys are lighter. However, you can adjust the sensitivity to your own preferences.

The P35 has no audio inputs, and the keys are very lightweight plastic, the low price and easy portability is hard to beat.


Yamaha P105 Review

This is an upgrade from the beloved P95. The P105 has many amazing improvements which make piano playing more enjoyable. The biggest improvement is that they have added 128 polyphony notes to the P105 so you can play more complicated pieces. There is also an updated sound system and internal speakers, so it can record and layer sounds.

Yamaha also added the GHS key action, so the P105 has a more realistic feel to it. There are a few digital piano reviews which say that the keys make a loud knocking noise, but if it’s not a problem for you, the P105 can be a perfect option for your needs. The P105 is also equipped with good sounds recordings, which is amazing at a low cost.

As like many other great digital pianos and keyboards, the P105 is also equipped with a headphone jack USB connectivity. The P105 is not only affordable but also well-equipped.


Yamaha DGX650B Review

Even at first sight, it is noticeable how well-designed and beautiful the DGC650B is. This cabinet-like piano looks like a very expensive model, so the price tag might come as a surprise. There are multiple great features which make the DGX650B a very high-end model, and the added low price is a great bonus.

One of the features is the graded key action keyboard, which means the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys are lighter. The DGX650B digital piano is equipped with 128 notes of polyphony and an auxiliary input.

Piano players might find the ‘You are the artists’ feature super useful because there are dozens of songs added to the music library by beloved artists like Adele, Elton John and Taylor Swift, where players can learn the songs by playing along.

If you need a piano which looks cool and do not want to spend a small fortune on it, the DGX650B is a good option to consider.


Best Digital Piano Reviews Under Or Around $2000

Yamaha P-255 Review

The Yamaha P255 produces beautiful and rich sounds, and it is why it costs more. You get a better piano sound playing on this instrument, and Yamaha has been updating their sound qualities a lot lately. The piano has 24 preset tones, 4 grand piano sounds, 4 organs, and 4 electric sounds other many.

The P255 is portable, which is great, and it is also pretty lightweight. The attractive look is an added bonus! The graded keys are amazing, and there are no bad reviews on it. If you want a piano with easy to use features and not too many buttons around, this is a superb option.

On the other hand, if you want an LCD screen to actually see what you are setting up, this might be an issue. The plastic sides are not the best on this digital piano.


Casio PX850 Review

The Px850 is one of the very popular digital pianos on the market. The price tag is not extremely high, and you will have amazing features and good qualities in it. The attractive design is loved by many, the beautiful but compact furniture style is great in every house.

If you are looking for a digital piano which will stay in one place, the PX850 is a great option. It also has a sliding key cover and a dull sheet music rack.

However, it is the sound what sets such a huge difference at the PX850. It is capable of 356 polyphony notes which is something extremely rare at this price range. With the impressive sounds, the PX850 is an excellent choice for both beginners and more advanced players as well.


Kawai CE220 Review

This is probably one of the best built digital pianos on our list. The CE220 has a beautiful design, and it comes with plenty of handy features. Yes, it is a bit more pricey than some other models in this guide, but it is definitely worth it.

The CE220 has authentic wooden keys, and what makes it such a great digital piano is the individual piano sound sampling, which means every single note was sampled from an acoustic piano. This helps to makes the sound quality amazing and even more advanced piano players enjoy playing on the instrument.

There are, however, a few more extras,  great key action, 22 different sounds to choose from, and such as the 192 notes of polyphony. Sadly it might be a challenge to finds this digital piano because it was a limited edition release.


Kawai KDP90 Review

Kawai did put plenty of effort into making amazing digital pianos. This cabinet style, minimalistic looking digital piano is great quality and full of great features.

kawai kdp90 review

The KDP90 has great acoustic feels, and the graded hammer key action is pretty good, so the heavier lower and lighter on the higher keys is a great concept.

The ‘Grand Feel Pedal System’ is also a great feature, especially for those who have more experience with the pianos. The 192 polyphony notes is a wonderful extra, so considering all these details the price tag is not a surprise.


Yamaha YDP162 Review

This is an updated version of the Yamaha YDP161, and there are more added features in this one. The GH graded hammer key action is what sets this digital piano aside.

The wonderful and very realistic sounds and the key action is just perfect for beginners and more advanced players to practice on. The keys also remain quiet when pressed down, so if you are picky about loud noises, this digital piano will please you.

The great speakers can produce 40-watt of audio power, so the sound is much fuller and richer than other pianos’ in this price range.

The beautiful cabinet design is also a great bonus, so if you are looking for a digital piano which is pretty and does not look cluttered with features, this might be a great option.


Bonus In This Category – Yamaha YDP181 Review

This piano is not particularly portable with its 140 pounds, but it is the sacrifice you have to make for the great features and amazing sound. The YDP181 produces beautiful, rich sounds, and the 16-inch speakers and the 20-watt amplifiers make the quality spot on.

The YDP181 comes with AWM sound sampling, producing highly realistic acoustic piano sounds. The LED panel and the USB connectivity makes it accessible and easy to use, and the 128 polyphony notes help with more complicated pieces.

This digital piano was built to accompany both beginner and experienced piano players, the YDP181 is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a great digital piano.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide was able to help you with your decision. Whatever features you are looking for, make sure to compare multiple instruments before your purchase. You might find a model you did not even think about before!