Alesis Recital Review: How Good Is The Alesis Recital?

Are you looking for a great digital piano which has nice features, affordable, and portable? The Alesis Recital might be the perfect option for your needs. The Alesis Recital 88-key piano is an excellent instrument for beginners. It has multiple pre-installed piano sounds.

The Alesis Recital 88-key beginner digital piano has semi-weighted keys, and it also lets players have more authentic and realistic playing experience with touch sensitivity. This guarantees more realistic sound and feels as well. It also features a metronome which is adjustable and a built-in learning guide.

In this Alesis Recital review, we will take a look at the various features, compare and contrast the best modes and settings, and point out important information.

Alesis Recital Digital Piano

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis Recital 88-key Review


The Alesis Piano has plenty of great features. These include the voice option customization, so you can actually have a richer and fuller tone. You can also use a mode which is called splitting which will let you share the keyboard with someone, like a teacher. It is called a digital piano for an option: you can subscribe to online lessons to continue with your piano learning. As mentioned before, and often stated in the Alesis Recital Pro review comments, the piano has 5 voices. These are bass, organ, acoustic piano, synth,  and electric piano.


The Alesis digital piano has one main con, which is the very small speakers. The quality of the sound is way better when using headphones, and sadly the small amps included in the speakers simply do not give back the sounds and vibrations of a piano you would want to have. Other than this, the Alesis Recital 88 key is a wonderful digital piano.


Sound Quality Of The Alesis 88 Key Digital Piano

The digital piano is equipped with 20W speakers and 128 polyphony notes. These might not be huge numbers, however, they are nice enough, especially for beginners. The Alesis Recital Pro review comments always state that these features are excellent for newbies.

The Alesis Recital comes with 5  different voices, and you can ever layer and customize these voices. This makes it richer and fuller. Yes, the sound is a bit mid-range, and it actually not the best on the top octave.

Sadly in this Alesis keyboard review, I have to say the sound becomes less like an actual digital piano and more like a synthesizer. Make sure to play on your Alesis digital piano with headphones, because the music can be more enjoyable than through the speakers.

Other Features And Specifications

The Alesis Piano keyboard is sensitive to touch and it is also semi-weighted. This means, the harder you press the keys down, the louder it will get. This provides an authentic piano playing experience. As mentioned, the Alesis uses five different voices, and this lets players choose the mode which best suits their needs.

The Alesis Recital 88-key digital piano is equipped with some amazing digital features. These features include MIDI and USB connectivity ports, so you can add digital instruments or continue your education with learning software.

Also, a three-month free subscription to Skoove Premium is included in the package. Not to mention, the keyboard can be split up into two which allows practising with a teacher.

You can also add pedals to the Alesis Recital, and it has built-in headphone connections, also equipped with a stereo RCA output as well. This lets players play alone or connect to a different sound system as well.

Thankfully, beginners can easily enjoy playing on the Alesis Recital, and it comes with every feature newbies might need for learning. There is an educational program, easy access to pre-recorded lessons, and the ability to split the keyboard is very handy. This is truly an excellent piano for learning.

As we discussed before, the five built-in voices might not be as many as it can be found in other digital pianos, but it is more than enough for someone who is just learning to play. the Alesis also comes with a built-in metronome, and it will help with the beat and learning as well. This is also a great way to practice after each lesson.

Not to mention the ability to connect to online lessons, so if you want to practice you do not have to wait for your next class.

Final Thoughts

The Alesis Recital is a wonderful digital piano which is excellent for beginners because it does not have overwhelming features and super complicated settings. The included modes help students to learn and practice.

The options help with the sound quality, however, the Recital is simply not the best digital piano for more advanced students because of the sound quality.

If you are looking for a digital piano which will get you started on learning and you can also practice on with your teacher, the Alesis Recital can be a great option to consider. You can also check out this great guide on the best digital pianos to buy on the market in 2019.