Yamaha P105 Review: How Good Is The Yamaha P105?

The best way to describe the Yamaha P105 is probably versatility. It is a rare type of digital piano because it can both serve beginners and more experienced piano players pretty well.

The Yamaha P-105 is easy to use, has great and comprehensive features, realistic key action, and not to mention the sound quality is pretty amazing as well. If you are looking for a digital piano which will last you a long time and you can grow with it, the P105 is a great option to consider.

In this Yamaha P105 review we will take a look at the best features, the different settings, pros and cons, and even more to help you decide if the P.105 is for you.

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

Our Yamaha P 105 Rating


One of the many advantages of the Yamaha P Series 105 is the realistic texture of the keys. This is something that is not only rare in the digital piano market, but also not included in many Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos either. Other great pros of the Yamaha digital piano P 105 is the nice LED display, acoustic sound, and great key action.


Thankfully, there are not too many cons about the Yamaha P105 digitale piano. The only thing to consider is the speakers of the P 105. The speakers are a bit small and they are not able to produce big, vibrating sound. Also, the key action of the P105 is a bit loud.

Touch Sensitive: 5 / 5

Piano Sound 4 / 5

Product Quality: 4.5 / 5

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


Sound Quality Of The Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

To continue our Yamaha 105 review, we want to highlight the amazing sound quality of the P105. The sound is pretty exceptional, and the Yamaha P105 keyboard really sets the bar up for other digital pianos. If you are wondering what is the difference between digital pianos and keyboards, make sure to check out or deep and thorough research on the subject here.

Yamaha used the Advanced Wave Memory recording technology to record and sample the sounds for the keyboard. This leads to a richer and fuller sound, and not to mention the sounds were sampled from a wonderful CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano.

The Yamaha P Series P105B 88 key digital piano can also produce 128 notes of polyphony, which means that every note will be played accordingly and not cut short.

All Yamaha P105 reviews say they can play complicated pieces without any problem. For the Yamaha P105 price, you would expect it to be excellent. If you are looking for an excellent keyboard, which is good for experienced piano players as well, the P105 is a great option to consider.

If you are okay with the speakers and do not want to blast off the sound, this might be the perfect choice for you. The Yamaha P105 keyboards are not meant for vibrating the walls, but the sound quality will make up for any of that.

yamaha p105 review

Key Action And Realism Of The P105

The key action of the Yamaha P105 is excellent, and if you do not like the sensitivity and the feel of it, you can easily adjust it. You can choose between hard, medium, soft, and fixed settings, so try them all out and find your favourite!

The fully weighted and graded keys are wonderful, and you will enjoy playing on them for sure. Features like this make the Yamaha P105 keyboard so wonderful and expectational. If you are a beginner, this piano will grow with you, as you can change so many settings. No wonder so many Yamaha 105 review sites suggest this is a great model for beginners and advanced players as well.

The only bad thing to consider about the Yamaha P105 is the little noise the keys make when pressed down. this should not be a huge concern, but if you are very particular about this, make sure to try the P105 out before you buy it.

You can find many Yamaha P105 used advertisements as well where you can try it out. The P105 Yamaha keys are textures, and they feel great under the fingers. Not to mention, it will not get slippery that easily!

Other Features And Specifications Of The P105

Great features make the P105 such a lovable keyboard. features include 14 different present voices, 10 built-in patterns, two pedals – a sustain pedal and a soft pedal- and you can also add a separate LPS pedal as well. There is also an attractive, super easy to use LCD display to navigate through the dozens of great features.

Also, the portability is an added bonus of the p105. It weighs only 16.6 kgs, the P105 is a pretty light digital piano. You can move it around or transport it without any hassle, which is a great choice if you tend to travel a lot or bring your piano to performances as well.

Final Thoughts

This is a great digital piano for beginners and more advanced piano players as well. If you want a digital piano which has the amazing sound quality, portability, and great features, make sure to consider the Yamaha P105. This is an advanced digital piano, which might lack huge speakers, but everything else ads up for it.